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Did you know that Microsoft tried a few years ago to extend its licenses to the world of smartphones? In fact, the manufacturer released Gears POP! and Minecraft Earth in 2019, and Forza Street in 2020. Unfortunately, of these last three games, only one is still alive…for a few months!

Forza Street will be canceled in the spring

While Forza Street has just welcomed its final update, the developers have taken the opportunity to announce that the game will be closing in the spring of 2022. Suffice it to say that if you still have achievements to unlock, you better hurry up!

So the studio took advantage of this announcement to make some points. The team behind Forza Street first thanks the community and makes it clear that the experience gained will be used in the Forza license. It’s hard to imagine that they’ll start again in a smartphone game given the failure that appears to have occurred in this game.

Requiring the free game, some players are wondering what will happen to their resources. The developer explains that gold and credits can be spent in the store until the spring closing. After that, of course, everything will be lost.

However, if you made a purchase within the last 30 days, a refund will be given to you automatically in accordance with the policies of the stores where the purchase was made.

Final update to the latest Xbox branded mobile game

Finally, for those savvy who don’t intend to uninstall the game and hope to be able to launch it after closing, you will be greeted with an error message stating that Forza Street is no longer playable.

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Before shutting down the servers permanently, the developers are making sure to honor their loyal players with another update that is already available.

  • New car.
  • 12 weeks of Spotlight++ including rare and epic quality cars. Starting January 17th.
  • The energy meter recharges faster and can absorb more energy.
  • Reducing the waiting time for car shows.
  • The majority of items have seen their prices drop.

Thus, the closure of the Forza Street servers marks the end of the period in which Microsoft tried to install itself on smartphones with premium licenses for the Xbox brand.

So you have a few weeks to try or replay for free on Forza Street. Planning to delve into this ultimate update on your smartphone, tablet, or even PC?

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