Fourteenth place: Advance in Agen but the hardest part still needs to be done

The audition scored by Loris Tolot in Castries is perhaps the best example of Agenais’ progression in the game that Sonnes and Mirande wanted. A week before the trip to Tarn, the game notes were worked on in an enclosed area, but on throws at touches or scratches. Certainly unconsciously, while restoring the ball to the ground, Paul Abbadi thought of looking towards the small side and seeing the shift there. The speed of racing and impeccable framing, Tolot can confirm his outstanding qualities.

A “smart” verb, resulting in the players’ ability to adapt (the intelligence of the situation?) To a specific situation in order to search for movement and speed. The test scored against La Rochelle the previous week will also be entered on this record.

Post method

But let’s not give in to the praise too much. Sylvain Mirand quickly noted, “The team can do a better job. We have a lot of room for improvement, we can climb all our slides.” The three-quarters coach, who are the guardians of this speed game, brought a method with him. “I talk a lot with the players, it is not a dictatorship. It is important to understand the how and the ultimate goal of what we do on the field. It seems necessary to me. When I was a player, if I was told” do it and don’t ask yourself questions “, I had a lot of doubts Obviously, I didn’t fully participate. “

Therefore, when talking about the contents of his sessions, Sylvain Mirand uses words such as “toolbox”, “framework to be given to players”, “standards on the field”.

“We are still fragile”

However, until these actions don’t remain flickering in the pan, there’s still a long way to go. On the other hand, because this game requires a lot of work both tactically and physically. Especially, because Agen only manages to practice it for half an hour per game, before completely giving up. “The next step is to gain confidence and awareness. How do we manage our weak times. Because we clearly saw, during our recent outings, that we are very vulnerable. In the first weak time, we have been a player, and I know that it is very difficult to find confidence.”

When it comes to welcoming Stade Toulousain, who is setting an example in the field, it will be fun to watch the game published by the residents of Mirande. On paper, the meeting promises to shine. To see how long a bottle of Agenaise will take before aeration.

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