France 2 details the medical game of Michael Sims “Vitamin C”

Sunday 5 December 5:50 pm in France 2. Michele Symes: “Thank you for following us. Don’t forget what Voltaire said: An apple a day keeps the doctor away “Yes, but you have to know how to shoot,” added Berenice Burgel, co-host of “Vitamin C.” In this game, it was the viewers who shot the best. This medical game, due to the lack of audience.There is no special treatment.

Within four months, Dr. Symes has fallen to the 20th place among France’s favorite animators, according to a survey published by him. TV Magazine, failed to anesthetize his patient cathodic. On average, his new medical appointment gathered nearly 800,000 people, or 6.2% of the public. Hardly better than the failed “antidote”, from February to June. From 5-6pm, France 2 was behind TF1, France 3 and M 6.

“It was the audience’s problem as much as the content problem.”

Starting Sunday January 9th, instead of “Vitamin C”, La Deux will air a second issue of its hit show “Afer Conclude”, as it does on weekdays. “It was the audience’s problem as much as the content problem,” France TV framework slips, dissatisfied with the version returned by Michel Symes, which will soon appear on the poster for the continuation of the series “The Doc and the Vet”.

For its part, the magazine presented by Sophie Davant will have to face a new beginning. After Jean-Pierre Chalenson, Julian Cohen announced that he was leaving the Buyers squad. But not for the same reasons. The latter would like to focus on his other activities, in particular a “second-hand goods dealer” that opened this fall in Péronne (Somme) in which his colleagues can display their products to customers.

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