Free Download: Three full versions of Ashampoo

With Ashampoo’s WinOptimizer 2021 and UnInstaller 9, you free up memory – then have enough space to take loads of screenshots and snapshots with Snap 11.

DrGermany-based software company Ashampoo offers lots of powerful programs. Some are free, and many are for a fee. No problem thanks to our download offer: here you get 2 free tuning programs to increase storage and speed. Usually you pay a proud penny. Moreover, there is an app for getting screenshots that bypasses Windows’ own options for taking screenshots. Setting assistants listen to the names Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 And the Ashampoo UnInstaller 9. The first is a comprehensive system maintenance package. Use it to clean your PC regularly to prevent gradual loss of speed. WinOptimizer can also be uninstalled, but this is best delegated to UnInstaller 9 – it’s comprehensive. Jack of all trades for screen shots Shampoo snap 11 In addition to the screenshots, it also produces WMV encoded videos of what is happening on the screen.

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021: Configure your computer

Free Download: Three Ashampoo Full Editions - Dust Off The Data Exclusively © Ashampoo, COMPUTER BILD

Down with garbage, with system performance: With Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 this can be achieved. You can find it here permanently as a free full version.

With th Ashampoo WinOptimizer In 2021 (AWO 2021), you can perform one-click maintenance that verifies that your PC can be improved. This affects browser tracking, defective links, unnecessary active services, autorun entries, as well as unfavorable system and security settings. By clicking “Optimize”, the app gives a hand in all of these matters. In addition, it brings together a variety of individual utilities that handle specific tuning tasks. The reward is a more tidy, secure, and clear Windows system. The Service manager For example, there is a service manager that you can use to disable invisible background programs. Auto start deactivation can be used to increase speed, as an Tuner startup Goes in hand. Additional modules allow software uninstallation, deletion of browser traces, registry defragmentation, and Internet optimization (regarding parameters MTU, RWIN, QoS and Nagle). Anti-spyware function (Anti-spyware“) And the Win10 Privacy Control. Win10 privacy control Lets you determine how freely Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Windows 10 can handle the data. Additional modules delete files safely and restore files that were traditionally removed. The Energy Director It facilitates changes to power profile settings and is thus an alternative to Windows power options.

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Compared to the previous version 2020, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 has a new design. The color scheme is slightly different, and the categories in the left bar are reduced to three entries. The entry “All Units” can still be found there. This results in a set of jobs that are at least equal in quantity. In terms of features, there are two improvements: The Standard Center has been added, which replaces the AWO 2020 “System Benchmark” and “HDD Benchmark” and combines their functions. Disk Doctor, newly included in AWO 2021, checks selectable drives for file system errors. This is more convenient than using the corresponding command line commands from Windows.

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Ashampoo UnInstaller 9: Completely uninstall

The Ashampoo UnInstaller 9 It is an authority when it comes to completely uninstalling unwanted programs. Ideally, you should install your applications using the Uninstall Manager: Full Version then it monitors the system changes made. Based on the resulting protocol, it is possible to completely (almost) eliminate newly developed applications. You can identify programs registered in the UnInstaller interface by a small icon and a label. You can initiate payment with one click. But even without a protocol, you throw programs out of an SSD or hard drive: It’s done less precisely, but still more subtle than the Windows tools on the board. Because the built-in registry cleaner searches for food debris and kills them. You call up the cleaning component with one click; This isn’t strictly necessary: ​​a message window appears when Ashampoo detects an uninstallation made via the Windows Control Panel (appwiz.cpl). Here it is called “deep cleansing” on the map with one click. Ashampoo UnInstaller 9 lists and removes Windows 10 apps and browser plug-ins from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Get rid of garbage for a deep-pore PC wash: A complete set of adjusting tools form a comprehensive basis for add-ons. The Drive Cleaner For example, deleting temporary files, error reports, historical data, and log data. The Accurate recording It is the above mentioned registry cleaner. With th Internet cleaner Get some storage space (similar to a Drive Cleaner); More than cleaning the registry. The Tuner startup It acts as an automatic startup manager and usually gives computers the most noticeable speed increases. The Service manager StartUp Tuner completes so that you can deactivate system services that are active in the background. The Undeleter– The unit acts as a data recovery tool. The Associator file appearsPrograms that are intended for any format in Windows. With th File Wiper Safely delete files from your hard drive. With Defrag registry Shrink Windows Registry Database. This frees up space for their Hive files, which registry cleaners usually can’t use.

Ashampoo Snap 11: Create and Edit Screenshots

If you take screenshots often, you need a screenshot program like Shampoo snap 11. The suite contains all kinds of recording modes and comes with premium editing features. If you move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, an options bar appears when you hover the mouse over a line in Ashampoo Snap 11: You can select the recording mode by clicking an icon. You will photograph a window, a rectangular area, and a free area, among other things. You can define the last two display areas by drawing a marker with your mouse. Screen shots created end in the editing area. There are tools in the toolbar on the left, such as a “highlighter”, which you can use to draw over important picture objects with yellow paint. You can also insert curved and straight arrows; You can change its color by clicking on its spiral icon.

Program type rarity: the mouse pointer appears in the image. You can adjust the color of the indicator afterwards. If you are familiar with the Print-S-Abf key on the keyboard, you can also use it to get screenshots: Ashampoo interacts with this and transfers the recording in full screen to the edit view. Possible storage formats are PNG, JXR, JPG, PSD, SNAPDOC, PDF, WEBP, and BMP. The program also records videos and saves them in WMV format. The clips include what was seen on the screen – you can alternatively use a radio button to record your face to the webcam. If you wish, you can export the clips as an animated GIF. These face books can be played in popular browsers.

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