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Glary Utilities Pro brings broken Windows systems into shape thanks to several functions.

NSThere are many factors that stifle the performance of your computer: First of all, there are unnecessary auto-start processes that lead to so-called page faults (fatal errors). Due to lack of RAM, Windows transfers data from fast RAM to swap file on slower hard disk/SSD ?? and return it later. This even slows down modern computers. However, hard disk and registry fragmentation, redundant registry entries, and temporary files are also detrimental to a neat and high-performance PC. the Glary Utilities Pro They are veterans when it comes to PC optimization: the package is packed with tools that address the above and other points. There is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for every probabilistic tuning. The suite, which has already been paid for, is available exclusively here for free. Thanks to the many automatic functions, you rarely need to lift a finger and within a short time you will be presented with a clean, shiny PC that runs as fast as the first day (or even faster, because a driver updater can get faster than a freshly installed Windows that sets Today).

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What does Glary Utilities Pro do?

Glary Utilities Pro comes with 30 tuning tools that clean, optimize, maintain, configure, secure, encrypt and update. This is how the PC becomes vulnerable (observable depending on the degree of contamination) faster. Perhaps you can only slightly improve the performance of a fast PC. But you can also extract more free storage space from new computers. Old or new: if used regularly, Glary Utilities Pro acts like a fountain of youth? Goodbye crawling speed loss. In the next article paragraph, we will explain what the 30 tools it contains. The free version of the manufacturer’s software suite also comes with several utilities. The Pro version features extras: you can only activate “Deep Clean” here on the overview page by checking the box. This affects one-click maintenance. You can only activate the settings “Activate automatic maintenance” and “Clear privacy on shutdown” in the Pro version. Deactivating “Update at program start” by removing the corresponding flag is also exclusive here. The free version displays a window for the above buttons when you click them, which ask you to enter license information. So interference options are blocked here.

In addition, the “Deep Scan” function is exclusive to the Registry Cleanup module: the selection options “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”, “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” and “HKEY_USERS” are subject to this entry as the number of ballast database entries found increases compared to scanning in which categories are excluded Accordingly, you can clean your PC more thoroughly with Glary Utilities Pro compared to regular Glary Utilities.

Innovative tools make Windows faster

Glary Utilities Pro delights Windows tuners with a set of system tools that straighten tagging performance, free up space on your HDD/SSD and RAM, fix and prevent problems and more. Thanks to the categories, you can quickly find 30 little helpers. Here is an overview of what you can find around the place:

the “AbstractThe page allows you to make some settings and group icons at the bottom from which you can invoke a number of tuning modules. In the middle of the overview start page, the Windows boot time is listed, and a button takes you to the startup manager suite.

To the right of the overview there is “1-Click Maintenance‘, which – depending on where you check the box – performs a more or less comprehensive system scan. With just one click you can clean. Registry areas, Shortcuts, Spyware and Adware Framed and Hard Disk Check and “Privacy”, “Temporary files” and “Start Windows automatically”. Checking for adware and spyware is a special thing, something like this is rarely found with system tuners “If the deep cleaning function is activated, – the maintenance function detects – clicking more unnecessary entries when scanning the registry. Thus, the “deep cleaning” Corresponds to what is “Deep Scan” in the module dedicated to cleaning the registry.

there is chance “Gallery SuiteNext to ‘One-Click Maintenance’, there are 30 tools listed, each specialized in a single task:

Glary Suite »Cleaning and repairIt combines the tools “Clean Disk” (to delete unwanted files, free up disk space), “Clean Registry” (a registry cleaner to “improve system performance”), “Repair Shortcuts” (delete invalid LNK files), and “Duplicates” (searches for multiple existing files), “Empty Folders” (deletes itself), “Manage Context” (purifies context menus), and “Manage Programs” (uninstalls programs).

within “improve and improveThere is an autorun manager, hard disk defragmenter, free RAM (which slows Windows down, but provides a unique function of displaying the size of your clipboard data), registry defragmentation (also useful for SSDs), file search System errors, driver management (backup, uninstall, restore and update control programs) and a rudimentary software updater.

Come to “Privacy and Security”, you’ll come across a computer path eraser, a data shredder (makes sense with files on hard drives, but hardly with SSD drives), file recovery, file encryption (also decryption), and managing Internet Explorer add-ons (such as BHOs ​​and NSthe line NSailber NSobjects) and a simple task manager.

Carries three utilities “data” Ready: There you can view the memory usage of your drives, split files (and merge them again) and find files and folders based on their names.

category “SystemwerkzeugePackage backup and security functions: The System Information tool informs you of the operating system, system hardware, memory, disk drives, graphics, network, and other devices (including the TXT export feature). You can also use System Tools to create registry backups, restore the registry, repair system files, and create a copy System backup, access System Restore (both take you to sub-areas of Windows Control Panel) and undo changes made using Glary Utilities Pro via the Backup window.

100 programs

Highlights of the download area

Works instantly: no activation required

The good thing is that you simply install Glary Utilities and then you don’t need to register. There is also no need to enter the serial number. At the bottom right you will find a “Pro” note: it indicates that you are dealing with the most powerful version of the software. Practical for USB stick owners: You install Glary Utilities on the mobile device. This is possible after normal setup via the “Menu” button (top right). You can use it to open a window in which you click the “Create” button. This creates a compressed folder on the desktop. Unzip it to an attached memory stick and you will find the free version of Glary Utilities executable (Integrator_Portable.exe) on it.

Important note: After installation, Glary Utilities Pro opens a window on start, which offers you a software update. The program also informs you that there is an update available at the bottom of the interface. You must not accept the offer to import it, otherwise you will lose your Pro license by receiving the latest version. Software updates are important for security reasons, but you should refrain from doing so in the case of Glary. If you have installed the professional version as part of our download campaign, the main window will appear (there is on the start page “Overview”) on the right side under “Type” and “licensed for” once “Professional” and the other “Professional” User”. An update may change the latter to a “trial version”. In the context of software, trial means something like beta or prerelease version. If you have already updated, fix the licensing issue by uninstalling the software and then reinstalling the Pro version Permanent Free (not fully updated).

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