Free investigation game all winter season around the station

How to overcome boredom when connecting two trains? Even if, due to the ski lifts closed, fewer travelers pass through the Bourg-Saint-Maurice station this winter, now they have a job so they don’t have to ask the question. In partnership with SNCF, the Joue là comme Indiana association, which has been organizing geocaching, escape games and other treasure huntings in the valley for nearly three years, launched an investigative game called “The Blackwood Case.” . The aim of the game: solve the mysteriously stolen magic diamond, which allows you to fall snow. With one restriction, find the perpetrator of the robbery within 30 minutes.

The brochure is designed in a fun way and can be accessed by the youngest (from the age of 8 years), which explains in detail the concept of the game precisely, and can be obtained from the tourist office located at Bourg-Saint-Maurice station. The entire game takes place at the station, or within a radius of 100 meters around. “Most of the mysteries will be for observation and conclusion,” Nicholas Lane, co-founder of Joue là comme Indiana, recently said with Catherine Iran. The members of the association also distinguished themselves during their first reservation, last April, by organizing the treasure hunt on the Internet.

“The Blackwood Affair” is set up on the first weekend of the Christmas holidays, on December 19, and will run throughout the winter season. The partnership between the association, the tourism office and SNCF could continue in the coming years if there is success.

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