Free Mobile launched a new Samsung bundle with free gift, promotion and credit

Free Mobile launched a new Samsung bundle with free gift, promotion and credit

The free promo introduces a new offer called “Galaxy S21 FE Black + Buds Live Bundle” Big Promotion with Free Flex Formula

Free just launched a new bundle on its online store. This consists of a Galaxy S21 FE with free Galaxy Buds Live headphones and a €100 refund offer. This offer is only valid with the Free Flex plan.

Concretely, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is available with Free Flex: for 24 months for this mobile, the first payment will be 171 euros (that is, 71 euros by discount ODR) and then 24 subsequent leases of 19.99 euros per month. At the end of the 24 months, you can choose between returning your mobile phone or getting it back by paying the purchase option amount of €108.

As a reminder, last year Free launched the new Free Flex offer, which allows you to take advantage of a wide range of smartphones, by paying a small portion every month for 24 months, and the possibility to keep it from this period. And if it is always possible to buy your smartphone with cash in the Free Mobile store, then the operator prefers the Free Flex offer, offering only the ODR for this format. Concretely, Free states that once a smartphone receives a file “Refund will be made in the form of credit on invoice(s) from your third invoice after validation of your order, except in the case of returning your mobile phone after withdrawal” specifying that these Offers are valid for Free Package or Free Series subscribers who have subscribed to the Free Flex Offer.

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