From cell phone covers to children’s clothing, shop online with Amtab tools: ‘Think about making the company more efficient’

T-shirts with the word “Amtab” printed on the box and other memorable items for sale on the Bari Public Transportation website.

The idea sparked fun and confusion among some employees and unionists. So amtape is like “Navy”, “Frecchi Tricolore”, “Italian Army”, although it is not entirely Italian pride, let alone Bari.

“A good idea in general – says one of the stricken company’s historic drivers – – but many would have appreciated a greater interest in regular management and stricter controls, especially in light of the latest episodes of very black news.”

The concept is simple. “The image of the company was restored once and for all – continues the employee – it was possible to launch the idea of ​​​​selling sweaters and other paraphernalia. The people of Bari were pleased to wear and use the objects of citizen pride.”

After all, even Oscar Wilde, in the mouth of Doria Gray said: “There is only one thing in the world worse than talking about, and that not being talked about,” which he translated literally means: “There is only one thing in the world worse than making people talk.” About themselves, that does not mean allowing to speak for himself.

That is, for better or worse, as long as we’re talking about it. Amtab communications strategists may have taken the unusual literary character’s suggestion literally. The least logical idea is that everything could have been done simply to make money. The

n Anyway – this is not the first time – according to many Amtab, the timing will still go wrong, just like advertising on the radio the idea of ​​moving safely and accurately on their buses, even if it breaks down or catches fire. The rest is history, all that remains is to stand by the window and understand how much the marketing process is appreciated.

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In all honesty, having breakfast with milk in the mug marked “amtab” rather than one with a loved one’s imprint, a touching phrase or a picture of the heart makes us feel a little queasy.

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