FUT Birthday is here – all info about the Ultimate Team event

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at FIFA 21 Ultimate Team It’s celebrated, because Ultimate Team mode has been around for twelve years. On Friday, March 26th, this Christmas will be celebrated with the start of the FUT Birthday Event. We’ll give you all the information about the event – from special cards to missions to Squad Building Challenges!

Two teams will be available during FUT Birthday. In addition to the increased values, every FUT Birthday player also receives at least one or her 5-star upgrade Special movements Or his weak foot.

FUT Birthday: This is Team 1


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  • Midfielder: Thiago, 92, Liverpool (5-Star and 5-Star SM)
  • Attacker: James Vardy, 91, Real Madrid (5 stars in the World Championships)
  • Zoom: Leroy Sane, 91, Bayern Munich (5 stars)
  • Right midfielder: Ivan Perisic, 90, Inter Milan (5-Star WF & 5-Star SM)
  • ZOM: Lucas Moura, 89, Tottenham Hotspur (5-Star SM)
  • LV: Ferland Mendy, 88, Real Madrid (5-star WF and 5-star SM)
  • Attacker: Inaki Williams, 88, Athletic Bilbao (5 SM Stars)
  • Fourth: Mario Hermoso, 87, Atletico Madrid (5-Stern-SM).
  • RV: Junior Zambia, 86, Montpellier HSC (5-star SM)
  • Left midfielder: Moussa Simon, 85, FC Nantes (5-WWF)
  • ST: Hwang Hee Chan, 85, RB Leipzig (5 Star WF)

With Leroy Sane (Bayern Munich) and Huang He Chan (Leipzig) there are two Bundesliga players. Sani is one of the top 3 of the first team ranked, Chan (85) is the weakest player.

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As previously suspected, Ferland Mindy received a birthday card. Real Madrid’s left back is considered a dead player in FIFA 21.

What other content and cards are in the FUT Birthday Event in the Store?

As a thank you for your support, EA Sports has created something for our loyal gamers: a personalized gift! How exactly this looks depends on how many days you have played FIFA 21 since its release on October 9, 2020. The gifts are overlapped as follows:

  • 22 to 66 days of FIFA 21: Jumbo PremiumGold package
  • 67 to 112 days for FIFA 21: Prime Gold Player Pack
  • 113 to 145 Days FIFA 21: Rare Mega Pack
  • At least 146 FIFA 21: Ultimate Pack Days

To receive the reward, you must log in before April 9, 2021 at 7 PM.

When did FUT Christmas begin in FIFA 21?

In fact, we were expecting the Christmas event on the 19th of March, because that’s the day Ultimate Team’s birthday. However, on March 19, the FUT world was dead. Instead, it was time on March 26 at 7 PM!

How long is FUT birthday?

EA Sports is extending the event again to two weeks. We think it’s likely that after the first batch of special cards, the second team will be released on April 2nd.

This is how FUT 2020 and 2019 Christmas went

In the past, FUT Birthday special cards were tough. In FIFA 20, skills and weak foot values ​​are solved, so that players, for example, can enjoy a special card from Kylian Mbappe with five stars on the weak foot. Unforgettable: goalkeeper Nick Pope who earned five stars for his special moves and thus became skilled.

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In FIFA 19, there have been stark changes in position, making Virgil van Dijk striker and Mohamed Salah left-back, for example.

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