Gabriel Atal accuses the opposition of playing the Marine Le Pen match

GApril Atal believes that only the majority can stand up to Marine Le Pen, especially the only person with the will to fight his thoughts. In an interview with Parisian Thus, the government spokesman accused the right and leftist opposition of “spoiling” the head of the National Assembly, while its election would lead to “economic chaos.” Gabriel Atal added that the demonization of Marine Le Pen “is reinforced first and foremost by the ideological void of the opposition.”

But Marine Le Pen “is no less dangerous: her election will lead to economic chaos and we know that she will rule with people like Frederick Chatillon or Axel Lusto (former leader and GUD activist, editor’s note), who were convicted for apologizing for Nazism …”, he assures us . For him, “the majority are the last and only ones who want to fight Marine Le Pen.”

“The opponents hope to emerge from nowhere through chaos.”

Today, the opposition of the Right and the Left oppose the RN and the extreme right. I would even say that they pamper them. But by virtue of his sparing, they made him a guardian of honor. Absolute pessimism. In fact, the opponents hope to emerge from nothingness through chaos. “

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When asked about Xavier Bertrand, he replied that he “is waiting for his first personal offer to be able (s) to express it. As for Left Union, he asserts that“ Filming is not a popular program. ”Regarding his former political family (PS), he remembers that they“ were They have four years to reinvent themselves. ”The result: They are always in political contemplation and never talk about ideas. In fact, they have nothing to do with each other and do not agree on anything: some socialists and Yannick Gadot are closer to us than Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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