Galactus threatens the very existence of Fortnight next month

Fortnight has hosted a number of Marvel-centric events so far, including the Avengers, Deadpool and Wolverine Challenges, but things are getting a little more serious – and increasing the stakes at its latest event. Fortnight: The Nexus War ends on December 1, and it is up to the players to defeat. Galactus Or the danger of the universe itself being destroyed.

The struggle against Galactus begins December 1 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, This is a one-time event only. Epic Games recommends that you go to Fortnight one hour before the scheduled start time, and the playlist will appear 30 minutes before the event. You need to download Update 14.60 to play it, and if the court case between Apple and Epic Games continues, iOS players will still have fun. A possible possibility Working along the way Through iOS ‘Safari web browser, some other companies are doing this instead of supporting dedicated applications. Any hope of returning the game to its own use on iOS will have to wait until the lawsuit goes through the courts, and it will take months for this to happen – whether the epic games against Apple will win.

A few days ago, Fortnight too Came up with video chat To the game through the Houseparty app. It is available for PC, PS5 and PS4 versions of the game, and you must have an iOS or Android phone with the app installed. If you link your accounts, you get a special rainbow fog wrap.

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