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Austria is a stronghold of American football. Only German teams have managed to win the Eurobowl more often. In the last two European Championships, Austria came second and only had to admit defeat to France and – by a very narrow margin – Germany. So why not turn to “Madden NFL 22” – even if just to get a taste of this exotic sport as a coveted person.

- © screenshot / EA Sports
© screenshot / EA Sports

The first quick game is overwhelming even on a simple level. Possible combinations appear endlessly at the bottom of the screen. What would be a good choice for him is not really revealed. At the top are mysterious icons. The attempt to escape the rushing crowd failed miserably, and FIFA’s known evasive combinations have no effect.

Fortunately, there is a training mode. Gradually you learn the style of the game: finding the right meld, accurately timed pass, right block, promising defense. Compared to “Viva” the concept is completely different. If you play the ball in attack, you have to watch four or five runners at the same time, assess who is most likely to escape the defense and then pass the egg to them at the right time. Everything seems to be going incredibly fast. But in fact, the game is much slower than the game “FIFA”. If you play a football game based on “Madden”, then you feel like an American on the German highway: everything goes very quickly.

Best seller in Germany

Madden NFL 22 is under fire from American critics. But maybe you have to suck American football into your breast milk to understand the bad reviews. For others, cuteness isn’t just about learning to play. With its various options, it also guarantees the best entertainment. You obviously see it this way in Germany, where the game is currently number one on the sales charts.

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