Gaming, Mostviertel – NÖN Talent Show: Head to the next round!

“This isn’t a karaoke or a mini playback show, it’s a great professional performance,” singer and presenter Andy Marek said on most quarterfinals of “NÖN Looking for Greatest Talent” Thursday night at CCA in Am Stettner. Not much anymore.

Because the participants of the twelfth casting show not only convinced the jury, consisting of Isabella Tremmel-Hammettner, Constance Hopper, Vanessa Prinz, George Edlinger, Herwig Wagner and Hannah Kuntner, but also the audience and fans. And they voted in earnest – only 3,000 calls were made to candidates in twelve minutes. With her vote and a jury vote, the nine candidates who started that evening turned into five who took the next hurdle toward the state finals on November 13. Enns’ foot keyboardist Liz Müller delivered a special goosebumps feel, astounding audiences with her clever fingers.

With guitar and singing on the next tour

Gaminger Michael Gallistl will also move on to the next show, who scored points with his interpretation of “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak. “I wasn’t nervous all this time. It was a great and wonderful evening for me,” Galistel said after his performance. Born in Schepser, he has already been on the Nön stage for six years. “But the competition this year is much stronger than that,” says the 29-year-old.

Curator Andy Marek also found powerful words for his performance: “With your talent, you should write your own compositions.” These actually exist, because Galistel wrote two of his own songs.

Gaminger is confident of his upcoming final Most- und Industrieviertel, which will take place on the 5th of November at Traisenpark in St. Polten. With any song he goes on stage, he still wants to leave it open. “In the next few days I’ll decide if I can convince the jury with a hallelujah or with one of my own songs. Actually, I wanted to save my own songs for the state finals in Weselburg, so let’s see,” Galistel says.

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By the way, he’s not the only candidate from Chips County to advance in one round. Oberndorf’s Lena Fissander also qualified for the next round with Lady Gaga’s song (“Always Remember Us Like This”). The 16-year-old is also participating in the NÖN talent competition for the second time after 2019.

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