Garbage collectors strike in Toulouse: some have declared a ‘strong’ strike from Monday, the city calms things down

Garbage collectors in Toulouse Metropole, on strike since the end of November, plan to tighten movement from Monday January 3, 2022. No meeting between their representatives and the community has taken place since December 21.

What now, clogged deposits? The movement of the strike of garbage collectors in Toulouse Metropole, which began at the end of November, has so far been limited to partial and indiscriminate collection of garbage. But after more than a month of movement, the attackers were able to pick up speed.

A ban on some deposits is now being considered. As of Monday, January 3, the day the Public Service Transformation Act entered into force on the ground.

No meeting since December 21, ’empty chair policy’, denounces Inter-Union member

“This is not something we would recommend, but the rule is so offended by the administration of Toulouse Metropole that it seems inevitable,” explains Benoit Fontanel, member of intersyndicale.

Since December 21, according to the representative of the Autonomous Union, no meeting of unions and groups has taken place. “It’s the empty chair policy, nothing moves forward.” In the field, the chests They accumulate more or less according to provinces and municipalities.

New services and warehouses will join the strike on Monday, January 3

Night Mass, which passes in Toulouse’s hypercenter, may go on strike on Monday. At the Colomiers Warehouse, which is clustered in several towns west of Toulouse, the first attackers could appear on Monday.

On the side of the Toulouse Métropole, Vincent Terrail-Novès wants to calm things down. “There is no empty chair policy. He was scheduled to meet again anyway after the holiday, and discussions will definitely resume next Monday or Tuesday,” explains the vice president in charge of hygiene.

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“Dialogue is progressing,” answers Vincent Terrell Noves, Vice President of Metropolis

«We are still asking the residents of the capital for some patience, the dialogue is constructive and things are moving forward. ”

On the days of submission, given as compensation for the end of the “terminated party,” “between the seven days proposed by the metropolis and the 74 days requested by the unions, there is room for discussion,” the elected official said.

Negotiations on compensation days for the end of the “final party” can resume as early as Monday or Tuesday

Which indicates that other compensation measures are on the table: “extension of a bonus of 300 euros for all deposits, the status of the group leader, the hiring of 20 contract workers to replace 20 retirements, discussions about working conditions on Saturdays and public holidays.”

For Vincent Terrell Novius, “Deposit bans are never legitimate.” I have always preferred dialogue that progresses despite what can be said here and there. “

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