Gate 22. Toulouse VR Museum takes on a new dimension

Gate22, the museum of digital art and design in virtual reality (VR) launched by Natalia Velikanova of Toulouse, continues its adventure. After the successful completion of its crowdfunding campaign this winter in Ulule (8,171 euros from a target of 7,000 euros), the digital museum has welcomed its first visitors.

On June 19, some journalists and crowdfunding contributors were the first to discover introspection, the first exhibition of Gate 22. Composed of three works, this exhibition questions the boundaries between the virtual, the real, and the world of thought. According to Nataliya Velykanova, it also allows “better realization of the potential” of this museum project in virtual reality. Gate 22 is one of the projects presented July 7-11 in Laval at the Recto VRso International Digital Arts Festival.

Multiple sites and projects

In addition, the first exhibition was seen in companies as part of the team building sessions. Commercial clients are one of the avenues for the financial development of the project. Natalia Velikanova is also targeting many other places to demonstrate her technical expertise in virtual reality (media libraries, stores, student or seniors residences, clinics, etc.).

There are several exhibition projects in development (one with a choreographer, another with digital artists). The next who will see the light of day is called screen street It will immerse the “visitor in a colorful and lively world” full of highly contemporary works “referring to web icons”. The Gate 22 Foundation has also announced its presence next fall at Digital Mêlée, La Mêlée Digital and Innovation Festival, the Toulouse network at the forefront of these issues, for a new event called VRJAM.
Matthias Hardoy

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Pictured: Gate 22 went to meet Owenlock staff as part of a team building. Credits: Gate22.

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