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The new strategy game, developed by Nippon Ichi Software, has revealed a new trailer. His notable appearance during a recent Nintendo Direct did not leave players indifferent. Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero will be available in 2025.

There is no specific date yet, but we know it. The Brave Ghost: The Lost Hero It will be released next year, on Playstation 5, nintendo switch, Playstation 4And also at the top Computer via steam. However, ver steam From the game developed by Nippon Ichi Program It will be released a little later than the console versions. The game's voice will be in both Japanese and English. Good news regarding the translation as French will be present in addition to English.

inside Brave Ghost: The Lost HeroYou will meet a character Maruna who seems to have a mysterious power that allows him to talk to him. ghost. You will have to face different ghost crews within the world's oceansivory.

Game features

The Brave Ghost: The Lost Hero It is a strategic RPG that goes off the beaten path and allows complete freedom of movement on the map. Summon your Phantom teammates by combining their souls with different items on the field.

Ghosts can too The com-id of this app is com.gadgettocombine With special objects that have limited movements but are capable of delivering devastating attacks. Maruna It could also be com.ghostcombine With his allies to change his appearance and get new abilities. The course of the battle will depend on you alone!

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Create characters from 51 different units and build ultimate power through a combination of leveling up, searching for rare items, and challenging yourself in random dungeons. The customization possibilities are endless!

You don't want to miss any gaming news The Brave Ghost: The Lost Hero We invite you to discover all the news of the game through our dedicated page.

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