Genshin effect trailer: Ganyu introduces his story and skills

Advertising tape The Jinshin Effect: Jano introduces his story and skills

After Albedo, which was introduced with Update 1.2 two weeks ago, a new playable character is about to land in Genshin Impact. This is Junyu, the ward secretary of Yuehai whose story we discover in this trailer.

This video is available with French subtitles on YouTube.

Featured as a “hard worker who also appreciates good food”, Ganyu is a Cryo Archer who is able to deal area damage with her own two-charge shot and racial rampage. MiHoYo studio broadcast He described his skills before his arrival in a new banner next week:

Ganyu skills

Regular Attack: Elliott Archery

  • Normal attack: Ganyu can hit six shots in a row
  • Charged Attack: Ganyu executes a more accurate shot, resulting in more DGT. During a directed shot, the force of cold comes to focus on the tip of the arrow.
    • Single charge: Fires an ice arrow hitting Cryo DGT.
    • 2 Charges: Fires Frost Arrow striking Cryo DGT. Frost spreads when it hits an enemy, causing Cryo DGTs.

Tres de Killin

  • Ganyu glacial deposition infects the Cryo DGTs and then rapidly recedes. Lotus provokes enemies and focuses their attacks. Its HP matches the maximum HP of Ganyu, and it catches up with Cryo DGTs when it ends up exploding or is destroyed in the meantime.

Heavenly baptism

  • Condensing the particles in the air, Ganyu summons a magic ice pill that knocks out demons. During its activity, the Pearl continuously releases shards of ice that infect enemies in the Cryo DGT area.
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Genshin Impact is available free to play on PC, PS4, iOS, and Android devices.

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