Get rid of endometriosis in Utter Us

mobile game pronounce us Two goals: to make you destroy the fungi and other plaques of endometriosis. Above all, highlighting the health problems women face that are often overlooked.

Your tasks, if you accept it, will be as follows: help Léa get rid of fungal infections, destroy Elodie’s endometriosis plaques, remove Catherine’s fibroids with a scalpel. Fortunately, you don’t need medical skills to do this pronounce usFree mobile game It was developed by research teams and developers with a specific goal: to make players aware of unexplained health issues.

you can play pronounce us Free on iPhone or on robot.

pronounce us It makes you fight evil from within

If the gameplay and story is very simple (you just have to tap on the creatures you want to destroy), the game is still quite addictive. It must be said that the possibility of being able to attack endometriosis (whether you have it or not), even in practice, is particularly attractive. Especially if you are currently in pain. I see it as a way to give back, in the end. There’s really no definitive boss or even real progress, but we especially appreciate the potential of being able to attack the fungus.

Are you ready to fight fibroids? //source: United States is pronounced

pronounce us Born in November 2019, during a crowded game organized by the ComPaRe Society (“Community of Patients for Research”). The principle of this event was simple: the participating teams had 48 hours Create the most beautiful video game to increase public awareness of clinical research ‘ explains the sitepronounce us. The project about the game is simple: reporting women’s health problems. The latter is often ignored by the scientific community.

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The problem is the gender bias in research: less is known about women than about men The game is explained in the introduction. The direct consequence of this bias is dire for women who regularly experience delayed diagnosis due to this deficiency, and who do not receive timely and appropriate treatment. This is especially true in the case of endometriosis, and this is then In France, one woman in ten is affected by it.

pronounce us So she made it her mission to demystify endometriosis, fibroids and mycosis, and ” To popularize it by providing medical and scientific explanations at every level It works: in the mini-game Vaginal invadersWe know that although 75% of women develop yeast infections, there is still very little research done on the topic. In Fibrozor, women tell the doctor about their fibroid problem on average 4 years after the onset of symptoms, and in cases of Monstruations, endometriosis affects not only the uterus, but can also develop in the bladder and intestines.

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