Getting Started 101: Here’s How to Choose the Right Inverter with Battery for Your Home

Getting an inverter with battery for home is one of the best decisions you could make for your home because of the erratic nature of power supply in the country. However, it’s also important that you get an inverter that does its job well and provides you with adequate power to keep all your electrical appliances running during an outage.

So, what are the things you need to look for in an inverter and battery combo that can deliver optimal power? Let’s take a look!

Choosing the right combination

It’s all about power delivery and load capacity. So, make sure that whenever you are choosing a unit, choose one that’s adequate for your home. But as consumers we seldom have an idea how to do it. Here’s what you should look for:

  1. Inverter: The VA or the Volt Ampere is very important when choosing the inverter. The VA is an indicator of power for the inverter and it’s important that you choose an inverter with the right VA to get adequate power delivery. A 700-900 VA inverter is good for a typical Indian household, but if you have heavy load appliances you want to run; go for an inverter with higher VA accordingly.
  2. Battery: When it comes to choosing a battery, look for the Ah or the Ampere Hours, which is an indicator of the battery’s load handling capability. You can choose batteries ranging from 60-220 Ah, and some time even higher depending on your power requirements.

When it comes to inverter with battery, one size doesn’t fit all. So, pay attention to these details.

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Type of combination

You can choose between a pure sine wave, modified sine wave or a square wave inverter and when it comes to the battery, you can choose between a GEL, tubular or flat plate battery. If you want the inverter battery combination, always go for a pure sine wave inverter to get the maximum efficiency, and as far the battery is concerned; choose one that’s best for your area, i.e., whether you face longer and fewer power cuts, or shorter and frequent power cuts. Depending on the area, go for a pure sine wave inverter and combine it with a battery that’s best for your area.

Service Life and Maintenance Costs

Choose an inverter with battery that gives you maximum service life with a low cost of ownership. An inverter and battery aren’t a cheap investment, and it isn’t an investment that you want to make every couple of years. Ideally it should last you for several years before you must replace them; therefore, read up on customer reviews, and check multiple combos before you decide to shortlist one. The same goes for maintenance as well, since an inverter and battery combination of a mediocre quality will have you spending a ton of money on maintenance which can end up costing a lot in the long run. Therefore, spend some time in researching and comparing a lot of products to choose one that combines the best of both worlds in terms of service life and maintenance.

Choosing the right type of inverter with battery doesn’t have to be complicated if you know what you are looking for. In case you are looking for an inverter and battery combination that’s perfect for your home, then do check out Luminous’ stellar range of inverter and battery combinations that are a league apart from the competition. They are renowned for their superior products that offer exceptional service lives, low maintenance costs and efficient power backup all at a very low cost of ownership. So, if you are looking for products that are worth the price you pay, then look no further than Luminous!

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