Giancarlo Stanton’s defensive play gives his manager ammo

Whether out of injury fear or lack of confidence, New York Yankees coach Aaron Boone has been hesitant to bring Giancarlo Stanton onto the field for a long time.

However, with the latter patrolling the right field, not only is his hitting performance back to his standards (Stanton increased his hit rate from .252 to .267 and OPS from .794 to .844), but his defensive game surprises more than . One.

And the main interested party is well aware of this.

“I think playing in defense helped me not focus on attacking. You always want to look your best on the house board, and feel like you’re in your best mental state. But that also means using that focus elsewhere. Yes, that helps in a way.”

This new responsibility certainly helps Stanton, but it gives the New York captain more space. That way, Boone can use Luke Voit as a favorite, which is burning these days, keeping Anthony Rizzo on the first pillow.

In fact, Voight was named MLS Player of the Week, and it seems that the possibility of playing regularly, due to Stanton’s presence in defense, gave him wings.

If the Bronx’s bombers remain healthy, the depth of this offensive lineup could take damage in October.

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