Gigaset smart doorbell: smart doorbell with recording function

With the Smart Doorbell One X, Gigaset is introducing for the first time a video doorbell for its smart home system. In addition to live streaming in Full HD on a smartphone, Gigaset also allows cloud-based recording for a fee. The video doorbell can also be connected to the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0.

This makes it possible not only to recognize the person standing in front of the door, but also to open the door for them remotely using their smartphone. The camera can also be integrated into Gigaset’s proprietary smart home system, Gigaset Elements, via the cloud. Gigaset uses a WLAN (802.11n) connection for this.

The Smart Doorbell One X derives its power to operate from previous doorbell cables. No additional power source, such as a battery, is required.

The Gigaset doorbell contains a full HD camera as well as a microphone and speaker for intercom function. The built-in motion detector and infrared night vision function also allow monitoring of the entrance area. The detection area (viewing angle of 115 degrees horizontally and 57 degrees vertically) can be specified in the application. Recordings saved in the cloud are of lower resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). Costs for additional cloud offerings depend on the number of built-in cameras and recording length. The Gigaset Smart Doorbell One X can also be integrated into Philips Hue and Alexa systems.

The Smart Home system from Gigaset consists of various groups and individual products, such as radiator thermostats, security cameras, and door/window sensors.

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