Global Update 6, VoloCity Lufttaxi, Aunt Ju and Reno Air Race Association

subordinate Microsoft Flight Simulator (Away 56,84€ in to buy) was also a bigger topic on the gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream. So did the developers confirmedGlobal Update 6 won’t be released until September 7th (changelog). It includes new aerial images, high-resolution elevation maps, and several “3D cities” in Germany, Basel in Switzerland, and Graz and Vienna in Austria. The development team has also recreated around 100 popular sites (Points of Interest / Points of Interest) and several airports such as Lübeck, Stuttgart, Klagenfurt and St Gallen. The update also includes new Expeditions, Landing Challenges, and “Tree Tree Journeys” into the heart of Europe.

Also, a new series of planes called “Local Legends” has been announced and will likely coincide with upcoming global updates. The first aircraft is the Junkers JU-52. “Tante JU” will be available in the simulator from September 7 for 14.99 euros.

In November 2021, the VoloCity air taxi will be installed by the German company Volocopter (it is unclear whether it is free or paid). VoloCity air taxi is the first step towards introducing helicopters.

“While the Local Legends series celebrates the history of aviation, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team is working with organizations around the world that are shaping the future of aviation. Volocopter is a German company that produces an eVTOL air taxi for city trips called VoloCity. In collaboration with the Volocopter team, electric air taxis will be part of the From Microsoft Flight Simulator”.

“In addition, Xbox is pleased to announce the partnership with RARA (Renault Air Racing Association). The popular STIHL National Air Racing Championship, the world’s fastest motorsport, will be part of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Many of the aircraft can fly up to 800 kilometers per hour. The clock is between 15 and 80 meters above the ground. The Reno Air Race is the first major expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With this update, you can compete with friends and pilots from all over the world. The Reno Air Race expansion pack will be available this fall.” .

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