Gmail is testing a feature to pause app notifications when they’re used on your PC

PARIS, March 25 (Portalic / EP) –

Gmail introduced a new feature that allows users Pause notifications From the application on the mobile phone when using this service on the computer.

This is a feature that requires users to allow Gmail to control the mobile device, discovered by 9to5Google last FebruaryWhen she indicated that it was implemented on a small scale and only for a few specific users.

Now Android Police has confirmed that the implementation of this service It has expanded to include more users And that many of them reported a popup to pause notifications in Gmail.

Users who click OK will allow access from the following sites Gmail app To control the device on which the email account used on the computer is opened.

Users cannot enable this feature manually, but they should receive this automatic notification from Google. In addition, These access permissions can be controlled In the device settings menu, under Additional permissions.

If pause notifications is enabled on mobile, Gmail will only alert users of emails coming through the computer. this site It does not affect the application itself, Because users will also be able to reference these emails from their station.

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