Godfall: PS4 Edition, Fire & Darkness Expansion and More

Godfall will get much more content in 2021! Source: gearbox

After the launch last November and the initial update in early 2021, Godfall will also get new content in 2021! As part of E3 2021, Publisher Gearbox has introduced upcoming Action RPG content from developer Counterplay Games. There are two big names making their way towards this.

The big free content update ‘Lightbringer’, the first expansion ‘Fire & Darkness’, and Godfall’s big expansion should all appear in 2021. There is talk of a simultaneous release of content on August 10, 2021. In addition to the Lightbringer update and the Fire & Darkness expansion, Godfall will also be released for PlayStation 4 on the same day.

Gearbox confirms that a free PS5 upgrade must also be included in the PS4 version of Godfall and a seamless crossover demo will be offered. In addition, matching with extensions is implemented and the final game is expanded. In addition to the Tower of Trials, you will be able to explore the Light Bringer system, which, of course, also attracts new opponents, bosses and bonuses.

So there’s finally a second endgame episode and an extra motivation to continue playing after the campaign. Lots of new weapons and platelet skins should also be part of the upgrade and expansion. Gearbox continues to promise access to all new content via in-game achievements.

Godfall: Spring Showcase E3 Trailer

Godfall has jumped to PlayStation 4 for the first time – surrounded by a new expansion, Fire & Darkness and a free Lightbringer update. All content shown will be released on August 10 and is available for PS5, PS4, and the Epic Games Store.

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