Google brings features from Android 11 to billions of older devices

A few years ago, Google integrated important components into Android so that older Android versions could later take advantage of new functionality at any time. A recent example is Close post, available from Android 6 Marshmallow. Google is now adding a security feature, as announced by the company’s Android developers.

Android automatically resets app permissions

“In Android 11, we introduced the automatic reset permissions functionality. This feature helps protect user privacy by automatically resetting app runtime permissions – permissions that display a prompt to the user on demand – if the app has not been used for a few months.” – Android developers

From December, this functionality will be available on smartphones with API level 23 or higher, which corresponds to the aforementioned Android version of Marshmallow. Android 6 was released in 2015, so it is already six years old. Google distributes this innovation via Google Play Services, that is, simply by updating from the Google Play Store. Fantastic!

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