Google promises a new tool with Soli and Zigbee: What is cooking?

Google It’s working on a new smart home gadget, identified by the acronym A4R-G4CVZ, as reported in a recent FCC certification. If the shortcut does not contribute in any way to illuminating the potential functions of the new device, some details are still available, even if Google He requested that the details remain confidential.

Apparently, as I mentioned Android, The device will support the Zigbee protocol, which appears in an unspecified FCC test report. Sure enough, support for frequencies in the 60 GHz region, typical of Soli technology we’ve already seen in the Pixel 4 series.

Google promises a new tool with Soli and Zigbee: What is cooking?  1Documentation published by the FCC states a monitor and no battery. Instead, there’s a 14V power supply, which indicates a very similar product to Google Home. So the available information does not allow clarity but it can be assumed that it is a new hub, perhaps designed to control a series of additional sensors, or a successor to Nest Secure, a security system launched in 2017 that supports it that was discontinued last fall.

We’ll undoubtedly know more over the next few weeks, and Google might be the one to help us figure out what it is.

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