Google provides an easy way for Chrome users to sync information across devices

Google has announced that it will make it easier for Chrome users to sync their passwords and payment information across devices. In a blog post. Google says new features will be released “in the coming weeks and months.”

Chrome on Android can access paid information stored after you sign in to your browser with your Google Account. Payment can be confirmed by entering the CVC of the card or through biometric security. Signing in to your Google Account first on your Android device will also be simplified. If you are already signed in to a Google service such as Gmail, the option to sign in to the browser with a Google Account on the device will be provided “on a single tap”.

The desktop version of Chrome is also being updated to access saved passwords when logging into a Google Account. When you save a new password, Chrome will give you the option to save it to your device, or to your Google Account for access on all devices.

You have the option to save passwords on your desktop, device, or Google Account.
Image: Google

A similar functionality is already available in Chrome via it Sync feature, Which contains your bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings on devices, 9to5Google Notes. But the problem with this approach is that it relies on the sync option enabled for each device. The company says the new approach makes logging in to the browser with a Google account “easier and more intuitive” to access your information.

These are the latest changes Google is making to how information is synced across devices. Last year, the company added the option to access Stored payment information in its desktop browser via Google Accounts, Without enabling Chrome Sync.

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