Google Tasks gains a significant new feature for mobile and desktop


Google has added a new feature to the Google Tasks app. To-Do allows you to create reminders and to-do lists, and a simple yet powerful new feature is added to tasks that should have been in the app before. This new feature will allow you to star any task to highlight the importance of a particular task. For example, you can use the asterisk to assign tasks that you consider priorities.

Other similar applications such as Microsoft To-Do allow users to star a particularly important task to help the user quickly find that task the most. Google said Announcing the new feature, “We hope this update will make it easier for you to prioritize your tasks and quickly navigate to important tasks in your projects.” It will be offered to users of the desktop and mobile versions of Google Tasks.
on me google workspace blog The company wrote: “In Google Tasks, you can now star important tasks. This is similar to the functionality already in Drive today.
The Google The feature began rolling out on Wednesday, June 8th. However, it may take 15 days or more to reach everyone, so don’t start to panic if it doesn’t land on your phone by the June 23 deadline. The update sometimes takes a little longer to reach its destination.
To install Google Task on Android, click here. To download the app on iOS, Click on this link. Once you have tagged your tasks, you can quickly view and sort them.
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