Gravity Falls themed game announces Switch release

during the Future radar games game showAnd the lost in play He came to show us a new trailer to wake up the baby in us. At first glance, we notice that it was inspired by a fairly popular cartoon series.

If Gravity Falls had a video game?

lost in play He wants you to rediscover the joys of childhood with a good dose of imagination and indifference. The title takes us on the adventures of a brother and sister: Toto and Gal. Lost in their delirious imagination, they will have to solve a lot of puzzles to get home. They will encounter a lot of strange monsters and other magical creatures.

An advantage of the title is that it has no dialogue, everything is visually communicated to talk to everyone. We were even told that the game is designed for the whole family.

“We created Lost in Play to be the kind of experience that players of our generation can play in front of their children”Yuval Markovic, co-founder of Happy Juice Games studio explains.

Between puzzles, mini-games and arcade battles against Goblins, you will have a lot to do. The atmosphere and visual style is obviously reminiscent of the Gravity Falls animated series Which should probably be a major inspiration. This new trailer tells us that too lost in play will be entitled to Switch version Plus the PC version via Steam. It is expected on August 10.

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