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Epic Games announces the release of a new game: Grit. If the game proposes a cowboy version of Fortnite, incorporating NFT into the game could change the rules of the game.

Through a partnership with Gala Games, which specializes in the use of blockchain in its video games, Epic Games has made its debut in incorporating cryptocurrency into its games. The argument made by Gala Games is that with this system, the player “really owns” their own in-game items. The company’s mission is to democratize blockchain in the world of video games. So, expensive He will definitely be able to Take advantage of the access of a company like Epic Games to introduce themselves to millions of players.

Find all the information about the next GRIT game fromEpic Games Store.

Grit, the new Play-to-Ear game from Epic Games

Effect Cryptocurrency And the NFT In the game it is still quite mysterious and not well supported by Epic Games, but the game should take shape play to earn. So, with Grit, The rewards earned in the game will have real value and can be sold by players. Thus, this phenomenon is based on the speculative process regarding the value of the objects owned, which, like traditional NFTs, will vary according to supply and demand.

In terms of the game itself, Grit strongly resembles his big brother Fortnite, taking the model of a shooter in the Battle Royale format, this time with a Wild West theme that can remember Red Dead Redemption. Horses seem to play an important role, both in the gameplay and in the spirit and economy of the game.

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>>> Grit on the Epic Games Store <<

What is the Grit release date?

Grit is already on the Epic Games Store, but it’s not available for download, There is no release date for the game yet, other than the company’s announcement that it is coming “soon”.

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