Growth on all fronts brings another record result for Microsoft. ‘Dr. Windows

For Microsoft, the second quarter of fiscal year 2021 ended on December 31, 2020, again with Record result. 43.1 billion US dollars were raised in the period, up 17 percent over the same period last year. Of that amount, $ 15.5 billion remained in the cash register as net profit, which is one-third more than it was a year ago.

Almost all of Microsoft’s business has grown. With sales of $ 15.1 billion, the “more personal computing” segment with Windows, Xbox and Surface was strongest again and “Intelligent Cloud” fell to second place with $ 14.6 billion (+ 23%). The third division, ‘Productivity and Business Processes’, which also includes offices, generated 13.4 billion (+ 13%).

Xbox sales are up 51 percent

As expected, the launch of Xbox Series X and S led to an increase in console sales, nearly doubling with an increase of 86 percent. This will not, of course, be repeated, but, of course, it speaks of a successful start of new consoles. Prevent lack of availability of better numbers.

Xbox Live has over 100 million active first-time users. The number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers has grown to 18 million, and most recently Microsoft added around 1 million new subscribers every month. Xbox service sales increased 40 percent, and Microsoft’s games sales topped $ 5 billion for the first time.

Surface sales exceed $ 2 billion for the first time

Surface division sales grew only slightly 3 percent, but for the first time, they crossed the $ 2 billion mark in the quarter. As usual, Microsoft doesn’t (unfortunately) name individual device sales numbers.

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Stable windows

With an increase of one percent, OEM sales are almost unchanged with Windows, but there is an interesting detail behind it: While sales with Windows 10 Pro are down nine percent, Windows 10 Home is up 24 percent. So there were some new Windows PCs under the Christmas tree again. The continued strong demand for new PCs in the corporate sector confirms a 10 percent increase in Windows commercial sales (this number is not 100% meaningful, as sales from Microsoft 365 are also proportionally taken into account).

March cloud and office

Microsoft’s cloud services around Azure increased by 50 percent. With corporate customers, the Office division grew 11 percent, driven largely by a 21 percent growth in Office 365 / Microsoft 365. For consumers, sales with Microsoft 365 increased seven percent, to a total of 47.5 million subscribers.

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