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Cell phones have been stuck in our fingers for a good 25 years. And you might think that we have now learned to use the device, which has become a multifunctional digital device.

Well, it’s hard. The mobile phone provides everything modern man searches for – communication, communication, information, entertainment, service and personal assistance. Everything is there, from business contacts to documents, parking permits, tickets, and photos from your last beach vacation (yes, that was a long time ago).

So the device has all the justifications to be with us, with us and around us all the time. And that is exactly what becomes the problem. Is this a problem.

Eyes on screen

Because the constant connection to the mobile phone makes us addicted (of course the user vehemently denies it, but addiction denial is part of addiction), because we fear losing something, because we are curious to know what we are in it can find channels. This addictive behavior in particular leads to interesting forms of symbiosis:

Spouses watch TV together, each has a mobile phone with their eyes on the screen; First thing in the morning is the cell phone. Attention is minimal in meetings because a mobile phone is always on the road. Even when having a nice dinner, sooner or later everyone will choose their mobile phone – just search for something on Google.

One must bear in mind that this behavior, which has now become normal, cannot be normal. It is even more alarming when focus, focus, and dedication to other things in life suffers greatly from constant cell phone use. The device can’t help it, by the way. It is up to the man himself to put the thing down.

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