Haute-Garonne’s common denominator: citizenship at heart

Virtual reality to make young people aware of a very real challenge, which is to defend the republic and secularism … It is at the headquarters of the Confederation of Edutainment and Cityonneté in Toulouse, Georges Merrick, President of the Provincial Council and a candidate to succeed him, yesterday continued the campaign of the Haute-Garonne Joint List. Time to discover a great introductory game 2.0 for college students to tame the values ​​of democracy and live together, George Merrick, surprised by the exercise, then dismissing the powerful hubs of a project that wants to ‘put the human being at the center’ of its politics. Surrounded by Marie-Claude Leclerc, Aude Lomaux Presbytes, Vincent Gibert and Pierre-Nicolas Babet, the Head of the Department expressed his desire to continue the dialogue with the residents of Haute-Garonne, which had begun during this final term of office, by declaring the formation of a council of citizens of 250 to 300 persons, which would be able To express an opinion on all files of the provincial council. “This allows for diversity of opinions to be expressed, as we have already done on the water issue, but now we want to expand this consultation to include youth, transportation or even RSA,” emphasized George Merrick. A unique initiative in France for a resolutely innovative approach with a core idea: to make education and then colleges a place of training for “citizens of tomorrow”. Marie-Claude Leclerc noted that 22 new institutions are scheduled to be established by 2027 with always an interest in ensuring social diversity and supporting students on a daily basis by offering them extracurricular activities “to promote living together”. George Merrick is convinced that “democracy is equality”, and in particular the equality of men and women, which, again, must be learned early on. In this thread, Aude Lumeau-Preceptis outlined a number of measures to better include girls in public spaces and schools. “We must move from equal rights to real equality,” she said, announcing as an example a set of free health protections available to college girls. For his part, Vincent Gibert pointed out the importance of combating all discrimination “incorporated into all administrative actions” when Pierre-Nicolas Babett insisted on the importance of memory and its transmission, particularly the values ​​of resistance. complete programme.

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