He installed 1,000 viruses, then launched the antivirus

Have you ever tried to spread more than 1000 viruses on your computer and checked if your antivirus can handle it? A YouTuber has done this test for you.

Having an antivirus program is essential for many Internet users. Although the firewall on your Windows or Mac computer is already effective at protecting against online risks, it's always worth having extra security. There are also very many antivirus programs today and offer all different types of protection. Some even add additional services like integrating a VPN into your computer for safe browsing.

However, antivirus software, no matter how powerful and effective it is, is not without drawbacks. But to what extent? This is the question that YouTuber Nicholas Zeta wanted to answer. The latter had the crazy idea of ​​downloading and installing 1,000 viruses on his computer. His process was simple: he simply clicked through all the potential viruses he encountered while browsing. When you would normally decide not to click on a suspicious link or image that screams malware, Nicholas simply did the opposite of common sense and downloaded whatever came his way.

Nicholas Zeta explains that downloading a thousand viruses was not very complicated. While browsing, the YouTube user ended up across a site that collected a large number of viruses organized by categories. All he had to do was download enough to reach the symbolic number of 1,000 viruses. Nicholas explains that a large portion of the viruses downloaded seem to be aimed at a fairly young audience, promising free skins and rewards for Fortnite and Roblox games.

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Once the viruses were installed, Nicholas Zetta started installing several antivirus programs on his computer, including the most popular ones: Kaspersky, McAfee, BitDefender… The only problem: the installation process was very slow or did not even work all due to conflicts with the installed viruses pre. Nicholas then tried to restart his computer to finish all the installations and the result surprised him: several animations and error windows opened one after another on his screen. His computers haven't been in better shape since his PC fans started blowing as hard as they could. This is probably due to the fact that many viruses were performing multiple resource-intensive processes in the background.

At the end of his experiment, the YouTuber was almost unable to use the computer because it was so slow. However, it should be noted that one of the installed antivirus programs has sent a notification that it has detected malware on your computer. One in 1000 isn't bad.

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