Health card: “People are really playing the game”

Whether at festivals, in restaurants or at the SNCF, the Health Card is now in place. What is the initial assessment of the people who work in these places? They testified at “Real Voices” on August 10, 2021 on Radio Sud.

Attendance at the Fête des Loges is lower than in previous years

Jeff is a committee member of La Fête des Loges, a massive annual entertainment fair that runs through August 15, 2021.”We saw a huge drop in attendance when it was put in place. The first Sunday we said to ourselves, “It’s a little low, it’s going to be fine.” And now it’s down 60%. Then we coordinated [avec d’autres parcs d’attractions] To see if the weather is not bad. In fact not. It was a disaster.

We put the health card at the entrance to the Fête des Loges. Two fairgrounds put it at the entrance to the games. There were no conflicts or tensions. On the other hand, once people hear that there is a health permit in the Fête des Loges, they no longer come. In general, in terms of attendance, we are lower than previous years.

Benjamin Berg:All my servers have a phone with TousAntiCovid Check in the pocket

Benjamin Berg is Head Chef at Le Coq de la Place, in Rodez, and Vice President of the Catering Branch at Union des métiers et des Industries de l’hôtellerie, in Aveyron. Did the health passport lead to a decrease in attendance in its creation? “It’s complicated to say we only had a day and a half of limited visibility. So far, yesterday, we haven’t really felt the effect. Plus, the weather is nice, we’re in town, so we don’t know if attendance has dropped because of the health card or because people have changed their minds to go to the lakes for sightseeing.

All of my servers have phones in their pockets. They all put together the TousAntiCovid Verified app. We have an employee who screens people and sends them for settlement. And if people settle on their own, the waiter can greet them and ask them to pass gently. People are really playing the game.

Frederic Fournier:SNCF has set up a system to facilitate passenger flow

Finally, Frédéric Fournier is the Secretary-General of the United Nations Railways Services. According to him, people are generally satisfied with the way the checks are conducted. “As part of our pre-boarding control, we check that our customers have a health clearance. Then, if they have the health pass, they will be given a blue bracelet to present themselves to a second control, the transport ticket control. It is a device developed by SNCF to facilitate the flow of travelers. Feedback is somewhat positive. Customers do not complain about very long delivery times and are happy with the way things are going.

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