Hellblade 2, TGA 2021 – Nerd4.life’s first gameplay video

In the case of Sports Awards 2021 The first video Sports From Senuas Saga: Hellplate 2, The most anticipated new episode of Ninja Theory franchise at one of the Xbox game studios.

The video shows செனுவா And some of his comrades advancing quietly towards a gigantic crescendo protected by the shadows of the night. Being big and having no mouth and really impressive. After the creature is asleep, our people set it on fire to try to kill it.

Senuva finds herself alone in the middle of the dense fog to face being still alive as she begins to chase him. His tribe tries to stop him with burning spears, but he seems unstoppable. Even the fire engine can do nothing.

Senua retreats behind a block, which is immediately broken by the creature. The film covers the face of a woman who sheds tears for being.

Is very interesting, especially since it was made with the game engine.

Before we leave you, we remind you that Xeno’s Saga for PC and Xbox Series X and S: HelpPlate 2 is in development. It’s not a release date yet, but can not wait to run it at this point.

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Veronica Tucker

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