Henry Godin, 93, still collects advertising gadgets

From now on, the chaos no longer exists for Henri Gaudin, 83-year-old 24-hour Corbisac resident and SNCF retiree.

He was met by many long-time visitors at his home, he got lost amid countless advertising tricks. Today, small pieces of furniture with drawers, wardrobes, wardrobes and cardboard boxes are still waiting to be stored, hiding these treasures, symbols of emotional life.

Shown here are 2,000 pens, and there are medals, a little apart from knives, next to T-shirts, not to mention flags or other things that cannot be classified. their number? Anonymous…

Pampering his close daughter and family members, the unborn devotes his spare time to his hobby as a collector. “A widower, no one is waiting for meHe cried out loud and amused. I can go to bed at three in the morning, revisit items, fix copies of them, remember their history, and most importantly, how I got them. During the day, I have my resume, but I can no longer drive alone. So my time is never running out.”

Expand her cool collection

The “deuch” So it took the form of a walker neatly parked in the hallway. Over the course of the days, he wrote, telephoned companies and private figures throughout France, adapting his speech to competence in order to expand his impressive collection.

It defies boldly and clairvoyant. “I am honest, but you must have a little string”, Likes to add with mischief. He is proud to show recently obtained documents about the wars.

And then, family, friends and neighbours, feel free to return from their vacations, trips, a symbolic piece of a region, an event, a country…

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If he cannot say the reason for this passion, then he is not isolated. His gaze shines when he mentions that many people have successfully communicated and acquired many skills: “I see and remember, it’s a home faculty. I love the game shows and sports, especially the women’s rugby. Nice game, an example for the boys.”

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