Here comes the buddy kits designed by the cast, with jackets, hats and mugs

After the great success of the meeting comes set of tools friends, Charity Goods Project: The entire cast was involved in the initiative that was born out of a collaboration between Acting clothes and producing TV series, including a collection of T-shirts, blouses, hats and mugs dedicated friends.

Among the featured jokes and sit-com codes, friends An homage to some particularly memorable scenes or idioms that define characters and dialogues that have survived in television history: for example, there The T-shirt dedicated to Ross and Rachel with the words “lobsters” (“lobsters,” that’s how Phoebe described them as soulmates), or Sweatshirt with Monica and her “I Know” interlining Or the T-shirt with Rachel who wonders who is FICA, the government office that takes taxes from her paycheck. And again there’s the trophy in which Joey wears all Chandler’s clothes, the T-shirt that remembers the theme song in front of the fountain, the T-shirt with Ross’ famous phrase “We were on a break” and the hat with the phrase Rachel who instead claims she’s never been “on hiatus” in Her relationship with Geller.

Staff made tools friends, a selection entirely hand-picked by the actors who chose their favorite fonts for typography, with a series of posts on Instagram where they each wore or used clothes or something to launch the initiative: If David Schwimmer wearing a Ross and Rachel shirt, Jennifer Aniston wearing a Monica hat and sweatshirt, while Matt LeBlanc uses his personalized mug etc.

All set of tools from friends It will only be available to Four weeks in a limited edition It will not be reprinted. The capsules consist of a mixture of T-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, sleeveless shirts and cups: The first one created so far consists of re-enactments of specific scenes from the first three seasons and in the next nine months more series dedicated to iconic moments will be released in seasons 4-6 and 7-10 (products available at

Toolkit sales revenue friends I will go to Americares, a charity providing relief in the health crisis caused by Covid-19. In addition, some actors such as David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox have announced that a portion of their sales rights will also be donated to other charities.

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