Here is the smartphone that crosses the line

According to data from the German Federal Office for Radiation, the latest generation device exceeds the permissible values ​​for radiation.

Android Central News has published a Bangles Times report on smartphones that violate the above parameters.

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The The latest generation phones Must be designed in accordance with the specific rules relating to SAR valuesOr related Radiation is exposed. Although this matter has been the subject of debate for a long time, they have been discovered Skills Android Did not meet the expected parameters.

Recently in connection with this Android Central Issued a statement by Bangles Times Connected to mobile phones that go beyond pre-determined parameters. There FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Established as a gateway 1.6 W / kgBut the most recent of a particular model is slightly above.

Radiation from the phone: what is the pattern that goes beyond the allowable limit

This Motorola Edge, Released in 2020 According to the data taken German Federal Office of Radiation, Highlighted one SAR measurement is 1.79 W / Kg. However, the above data should be contextual.

The reference criterion is considered United States. In Europe From the situation is completely different Motorola The question does not exceed any value. In fact, you can go as far as the old continent 2 W / kg. Also, according to other sources, the most haunted cell phone has the lowest radiation values.

Before going into an unbalanced state, one factor that changes the situation, not a little, however, is to confirm everything with specific numbers. So it is better not to rush into judgments There is no consistent scientific evidence for health problems caused by exposure to radiated frequency energy. Cell phones.

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In general, your security should always be there Phones are a source of radiation regardless of their value. As people are now more attracted to these devices than what is happening in real life, their use will help in this sense and on a psychological level. A small vision that should always be kept in mind.

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