Here’s how often to clean sheets in the summer: No one knows

In the summer the sheets need to be changed frequently and washed frequently as we leave to remove sweat and bacteria. Most people wash their sheets at least once a week, but in the summer it is not enough. According to experts, the sheets should be washed every day when there is no air conditioning system to refresh the intense heat and air.

This is because the sheets get wet and build up moisture in the mattresses as well. Walking on a microscopic scale creates a dense network of bacteria that spreads throughout all tissues. In fact, most mattresses emphasize synthetic fibers and night sweats.

Therefore, a study has revealed that the solution to this unhealthy situation is to wash and disinfect the sheets every day. Despite the irritation of having to do the washing machine daily. But if we want to stay healthy and avoid sudden and complete itching or allergies, it is better to run for cover.

How often to wash and disinfect sheets in the summer

In winter we can wash the sheets once or twice a week. The rules change in the summer, especially when the temperature is high. A recent U.S. study demonstrates exactly how bacteria thrive in the summer and grow in those private spaces we dedicate to relaxing.

The problem is often exacerbated by our cushions, which are made from materials derived from petroleum and packed with plastic fibers. This increases sweating at night, especially when we do not have air conditioners that work. The hood of moisture makes us sweat and the sweat spreads through the sheets and mattress.

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For this, experts recommend washing the sheets once a day. During the wash cycle, it is best to mix a portion of apple cider vinegar or baking soda, which acts as a disinfectant and removes odors. Alternatively, a chemical disinfectant such as amoxicillin may be used, although daily use is not healthy.

How to clean a mattress

In the first case we need to clean the sheets in the summer, but when we sweat a lot we need to disinfect the mattress to eliminate bacterial overgrowth. In the morning, when we wake up, we remove the sheets from the mattress, throw them in the washing machine, and begin to do the laundry, spreading the mattress in the sun.

If there is no place to put the mattress in the sun, you can keep it in the room and leave the windows open so it dries and gets air. In the middle of the afternoon, we spray the water and bicarbonate solution and let the mattress dry for a while. In the evening we can bring the mattress home (let’s do it before dark) and prepare the bed for the night with fresh, freshly washed sheets. This way we avoid running into allergies or irritation caused by heat and sweat all over the body.

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