Here’s how to hide last access and avoid looking online at WhatsApp, to avoid spies or intruders.

In the high-connected world we live in, people are always available. Especially after the advent of WhatsApp, you can hardly say that you are truly alone. However, you may or may not have the time to respond to messages coming from one or more contacts. However, sometimes it happens that the spies who monitor their last access want to avoid what they want.

If you do not realize it Prevent these people from using the appropriate system Or you can not do it and try to figure out how not to look online. The method for doing this is very simple and involves covering up your last login. The latter usually appears at the top of the dialog screen. In particular, the name of the device the owner has stored, the contact address book. By following some simple steps that we explain, you will prevent others from seeing your last login.

Access application settings

That’s the first step in avoiding looking online at WhatsApp. To access the settings on Android devices, click on the three dots in the upper right and click on the input of the same name. On mobile phones with the operating system iOS Click on the wheel on the bottom right.

Here’s how to hide last access and avoid looking online at WhatsApp, to avoid spies or intruders.

Once this is done, there is only access to the account settings and then privacy. So, click last access and then click no. This will prevent anyone from viewing their last login. The only drawback is that, unfortunately, you can no longer see if others are online.

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If you want to make the application completely invisible to you, it is also a good idea to disable reading receipts. This will allow you too See other people’s stories without them knowing.

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