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It is the strength of this success that famous game designer from soulsIncidentally Head of FromSoftware, returned to Xbox Wire Japan About game design in a short interview. He explains in particular what motivated this new open-world experience, which wasn’t much fragmented from the studio’s previous games.

In terms of the overall design of the game, aside from the sense of accomplishment, which is a consistent idea since Dark Souls and its sequels, I think the focus on the sense of adventure, where you can take on the challenges of a vast world full of unknowns and threats, was a decisive factor.The freedom to move freely from one end of the underworld to the other, without having to face a president Or hostile territory, it already remains a major asset of the latest FromSoftware, which requires a particularly massive setup at the beginning of the development process.

Fortunately, director Miyazaki was able to draw on the experience accumulated within the team to delegate. “As far as actual production goes, this is a much bigger game than before, which means more responsibility has been assigned to people other than me. In other words, the people I can assign to this project have matured, which is why we decided the time was right to make this game.“.

If the open world of Elden Ring seems to be learning from many open worlds step in front of him, Miyazaki.”I don’t think he and his group were inspired by any particular game“But it is clear that there are several:”As a player, I’ve tried many open world games that have become classics, and each one has inspired me. I can only mention a few of them, such as the Elder Scrolls series or even The Witcher 3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is also a particularly recent example.

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Even the head of the franchise indulges in some secrets regarding the design, which is the time to raise the central question of presidentAdventure highlights:Early in the map design, especially the large map, the chiefs who would spread out in the area were set in stone. So the maps are built based on how the bosses play, and the way the bosses are played is modified based on the maps they appear in“, reveal.

Which in particular has advantages president from president ? “It is very difficult to decide, but I will choose Radan“Referring to the giant who martyred Caelid’s lost souls.”He’s a great personality, and I also really love all the theatrical performances related to the Radan Festival. I think we find there these feelings mixed with celebration and liveliness, but also a special sadness for each of themExplains Miyazaki, who adds that no one on the team took the idea seriously when it was first brought up. As for adding two more president On this unofficial platform, the game designer Leaning toward Godrick and Rykard. What about Malinia then?

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