High-speed mobile internet has been deployed in Cote-Mille – Cote-Mille

On Tuesday, at Cote-Mille, Orange Telephone and Digital introduced the installation of a 4G antenna as part of its “New Deal Mobile” program targeting low-speed areas. This antenna will, on the one hand, improve the coverage of the mobile 4G network, but also, and above all, it will provide high-speed Internet access along with a fixed 4G solution.

fully functional

Note that this antenna will be shared between operators, soon by Free in particular. We know that today’s businesses or farmers, as well as individuals, have a vital need for fast internet. From now on, it will be possible to change the box to get a speed of up to 30-40Mbps, at a fixed cost. In Orange, the user can test the solution by adding an option to the ADSL box (+ € 10).

The final modifications were completed a few weeks ago, the antenna has been active since July, and is now fully operational. And according to some users, surfing the Internet is now already effective in Cote-Mail. Thus the deputy governor, Jean-Philippe Sitbon, emphasized his adherence to agility.

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