Highlight of the hero: Viego, the fallen king in detail

Not long ago, Riot Games also unveiled Summoner’s Rift: Viego’s latest addition, The Overthrown King, as part of the unveiling of the 2021 season. There’s no game in development based solely on his name – he now also wants to take up arms in number Countless League of Legends games played daily.

To do this, she uses some very special skills. His specialty and signature is to capture enemy heroes in battle and use their power against the opposing team. After introducing his skills in detail a few days ago (more on this here), there’s now a big Champion Spotlight video, where you can see the detailed gameplay of the new character.

As always, Riot Games explains how Viego is designed and how it can theoretically be used and operated in the game when introducing a new hero. Soon it turned out Viego isn’t a hero that you would master very quickly. Because his natural abilities need to be combined well, in addition to his own strength in controlling opponents for a few seconds after their deaths requires a lot of knowledge.

Viego Champion Lights | Play

“What skills do I gain when I use the spirit of this opponent and how can I best use them in the next few seconds?” This is perhaps the primary question Viego players will constantly face. But Viego itself also comes with many passive and active elements that must be reasonably combined in order to get the most out of the hero. See for yourself.

About League of Legends

LoL – THE MOBA next to Dota 2. Millions of players around the world fight in League of Legends daily to improve and reach the top of the rankings. Developer Riot Games’ title has been an integral part of the global esports scene for years. Tournaments like the LEC and LCS or the annual World Championships offer colossal prize money and are organized under highly professional conditions.

Most recently, the DA-CH region was awarded a new and competitive league format with the Premier League, which is seen as the strongest national competition ever in its first season.

More LoL news can be found here.

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