Homematic IP – Conversations with Apple for HomeKit integration

So far, Homematic IP devices cannot be integrated into HomeKit. Conversations about this with Apple should be ongoing.

Homematic IP with HomeKit later this year?

If there’s one thing fans of this Homematic IP smart home system want, it’s calling Apple HomeKit. So far there has been no actual progress to report here, but from the response to the support request from eQ-3 one can conclude that something is happening here.

Currently in talks with Apple about integrating HomeKit into the Homematic IP. Unlike other partners like Amazon and integrating voice control via Amazon Alexa, Apple’s technical integration isn’t possible via cloud-to-cloud coupling. Therefore, technical feasibility is being verified via gateway to integrate into Homematic IP smart home system. We will then announce when to potential HomeKit integration into Homematic IP in due course via our channels.

Of course, you can’t see the correct timeline from this, but there is some hope for implementation this year.

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