How Disney’s Lightsaber works

Decisively pragmatic technology to reproduce the legendary Star Wars Light Saber effect (spoiler: inspired by tape measure)

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Disney made a real light sword Or mythical Lightsaber from the saga star Wars. The fan-watering escalates extremely dramatically despite no photos or videos yet, but only the stories of those who managed to see it for a few moments and who described a unique retractable device: It’s not a trashy tube that colors itself or a naturally lethal plasma emitter in temperatures very high. So how do you work? The explanation is surprising.

It comes from the Twitter page of Ben RidotThe developer is very passionate from Disney’s star Wars. But let’s take a step back to last April 8 when, during a virtual press conference organized to launch the upcoming Avengers Campus zones in various Disneyland, Park Director Josh D’Amaro confirmed the arrival of the lightsaber first and then He drew it in front of the shocked audience.

It was neither a true laser solution nor a (very) bogus solution, when it was kind of a medium inspired by something used daily by millions of workers around the world: Tape measure, Which measures distances thanks to the progressive scroll bar. To demonstrate how it works, Ben Ridout created the first animation with heroes two meters of tape hidden inside a small cylinder or sword handle:

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Now, instead of a tiered band, the Disney lightsaber components are Half of two cylinders of transparent plastic Which come together and form a real tube that can rise and fall. The LED strip that follows the structure in motion creates the suggestive phosphorescent lighting.

(Image: Ben Reddot / Twitter)

All finished in a way that ensures durability and security on the other hand, it probably is Gadgets sold in theme parks It will be used above all by children who will thus be able to play without repeating the scene of Darth Vader cutting off the hand of his son Luke Skywalker.

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