How long do you complete the game?

Contrary to appearances, Outriders It is not a gaming service, and contains “limited” content to the extent that it can be completed in full in one way or another. Part of the game ends with its main story, but then unlocks a whole new area that takes a lot of time. Then, What is the age of this Outriders ?

How old is Outriders?

This will vary a lot depending on the players, but also on the chosen global level. Outriders It contains no less than 15 difficulty levels, which makes the experience very flexible. Here according to our experience in the game, The average lifespan of Outriders :

  • Main story: From 15 to 20 hours
  • Main story + side quests: 30 hours
  • All content with explorations: More than 50 hours

This will all depend on how you play, be it solo or co-op. Additionally, since the game focuses more on farming, this life span can increase very quickly if you take a break in your game to plant some equipment.

The expeditions, which make up the final part of the game, add a great deal of content with many challenges, which require patience and many hours of practice if you want to achieve them with the highest level of difficulty.

Outriders Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Stadia. Our test will arrive soon, along with the rest of our comprehensive guide.

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