How to change the mobile wallpaper automatically based on the time of day

Set a different wallpaper for each time of the day

If there’s something we love about Android, it’s the ability to customize almost anything, and even though changing wallpaper has been popular on cell phones for a long time, you don’t know it. You probably don’t know. You can change your mobile wallpaper automatically according to the time of day.

How to change wallpaper automatically

To have the wallpaper change automatically according to the time of day, we will use the perfect apps for this task. Each has its own peculiarities and the best part is that You can get it for free from google play store.

Exact Weather – YoWindow

This application allows us to create an animated wallpaper that will display day and night depending on the time we are in. We can also see rain or snow falling on the buttocks if this weather phenomenon occurs in our current location. An interesting option for this app is that We can transfer up to 8 days in the future To find out the weather for the following days.

In its free version, it contains many great scenarios, although if we want something different from the ones that are already available, we have to pay a single payment for the application.

Live wallpaper app

To use it, it’s simple, just download it from the following link, install it, choose the wallpaper we like the most and grant permission to our site so it can predict the weather correctly.

Wallpaper changer

App wallpaper changer

This app gives us a more interesting option which is We can add photos and pictures from our gallery. We install the application, go to the section AlbumsAnd there we select the folder or images that we want to appear on our wallpaper. Then we enter the option Teller There we can choose to change the box every certain number of minutes, hours or days. We can also choose the exact day and time that we want to change the wallpaper.

Currently We cannot choose the videos, But to put a video on your wallpaper we have this option.

Wall paper

Tapet application to change background

We finally have it Wall paperOne of the most complete applications of its kind, as we can choose from a large number of different designs for our wallpaper and we can also add personal photos so that they will be taken into account when changing.

The time interval for each wallpaper is subject to change-All you have to do is enter and go to the app Settings And press Options. There we can put in time intervals of minutes, hours, days, and even weeks for each transition.

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