How to create shortcuts in Android and add the Google Assistant

There is no point in denying it: Shortcuts From Male in appearance It helps save time and not only keep apps at all times, but also Folders And those a file That in other situations, we had to make multiple clicks to perform the actions we needed. However, not everyone knows that it is possible to create shortcuts to be used with Google Assistant, In order to take full advantage of Mountain View Assistant for almost all kinds of operations. How do you do that, though? It’s very simple, just follow a few quick steps that are affordable even for less experienced people.

What are shortcuts in Android and what are they for

As it happens on iOS, through the use of Siri, even on Android it is possible to use convenience Voice assistant To comprehensively manage third-party applications. This is very different from what happened until recently when actions were limited to opening or initiating phone calls to contacts stored in the memory or sending SMS messages through voice-dictated text recognition. With Android updates, Google has introduced new features that allow better integration between Operating System e ApplicationsWhich allows for example to scroll through your timeline on Instagram or watch a video on YouTube. Not the least of which is notification control like updating Facebook status or Instagram message. The potential is limitless and all that remains is to discover it.

Android shortcuts to use with the Google Assistant, which apps can take advantage of

Android shortcutsBefore starting the procedure, it is fair to remember that there is not one List of applications Compatible with Google Assistant but, in principle, the most used apps work properly alongside the Assistant. The major social networks and platforms for using content as well as the most popular apps can easily be managed with just voice. Currently, there are approx 30 applications Among the most famous. These include all Apps owned by GoogleFrom Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and Keep. Among other things, there are social networks The social networking site FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik TokAnd messaging servers like Discord, streaming platforms like Spotify, services like Uber, and e-commerce sites like Amazon and Etsy.

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How to create shortcuts in Android to use with the Google Assistant

Android shortcutsfor every Create shortcuts On Google Android, just unlock the device and activate the voice assistant. Therefore, it may suffice to say the phrase “Hello Google“, Click on the center button or any other enabled gesture on your smartphone. Once it is up and ready to hear the sound, just say the words” my shortcuts “. Once done, you can view List of Abbreviations Already set, it is useful for managing apps already installed on your device. Also, you can see a file List of Abbreviations An app by application is available, so you can see all the features that can be activated by voice control at a glance.

Decide which things are most interesting to your needs, you can create them (or better Keep them active) Add them to the list of commands that the Google Assistant will recognize by simply speaking the associated words. Doing so is very simple: once you find the shortcut that interests you, just click on the + button to the right of the name. This way the function becomes officially functional, it is listed in your shortcuts list and you can name it with your voice, after calling the Mountain View voice assistant.

How to change shortcuts in Android to use with Google Assistant

Android shortcutsCreate th Shortcuts from the beginning Android having the ability to perform more complex actions on apps is an exclusive privilege of Developers Hence, it cannot be compiled from the user side. However, it is permitted the changes, In particular the phrases that activate the actions of the Google Assistant. This type of mod can be useful for shortening action activation times or, alternatively, for a redesign Trigger frase To adapt it more appropriately to what you have Natural language.

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Once the action has been entered into the list of those who work with your device, simply click on the pencil-shaped icon to the right of the given command. In the window that appears, in the field below the “Hey Google” voice assistant operation, just enter the phrase to start the action to open a specific application or prepare a message for posting to your Facebook profile. Once the process is complete, all that remains is to save to activate it permanently. Of course, it is possible to move on to Initial condition The order at any time, as well as adjusting it as needed for the moment

Complex shortcuts in Android that can be activated by Google Assistant, routine

Android shortcutsThe job is partly reminiscent of jobs style, Or more complex shortcuts that can be created to initiate a chain of actions to be performed by Google Assistant. Also in this case it can be accessed by going to Google account section Through your smartphone settings with the Android operating system. Once on the page, it is necessary to select the routine, and by clicking on the icon in the top right, proceed to create a new series of commands.

To start, it is necessary to add Initial command, By clicking the Relative button. On the next screen you can choose between various Triggers available: Voice command (and set the most appropriate one), time (with the possibility to choose a specific time), sunrise / sunset. Once this stage is complete, you can click on the item Add work, In order to define all actions, from those already in place, to be executed in sequence as soon as the Google Assistant recognizes the command. Here is that rather than achieving a lot FaucetA simple, short sentence is enough to control your smartphone – and related things – just with your voice.

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