How to disable ‘smart’ features in Gmail

Google collects data on everything you do when you use its products and services. Sometimes this data is sold to advertisers; Sometimes it’s used to make Google products easier to use.

For example, Google uses data from Gmail, chat and encounter to make the whole user experience more comfortable, Like how This will teach you how to type and recommend default (hopefully) automatic message responses.

However, some people do not want to monitor and store their data, no matter what facilities it comes with over time. There are already ways to change Gmail’s data collection behavior – just a moment more. Will be formed in the coming weeks.

First, users will now have the option to disable Gmail’s “smart features” such as smart compose, smart reply and more. While these are simple, they need to be rooted in Google with your Gmail, appointment and chat data to work.

Allows other systems to prevent users from using Gmail, chat, and meeting data in other Google applications. Just like disabling smart features, disabling customization removes certain features such as content suggestions in Google search, restaurant suggestions on Google Maps or automatic bill payment reminders from Google Assistant. You might miss a little help, but at least keep Google a little more out of your inbox.

Disable Gmail’s Smart Features and Customization Options in the Settings menu

These new permissions will appear as automatic triggers for all Gmail users in the coming weeks. If you do not want to wait, you can now change your Gmail data options (some) in Gmail settings. Drag Gmail, then view Settings> General Turn off the following options:

  • Smart composing
  • Creates smart customization
  • Nudges
  • Smart answer

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Next, go Settings> Inbox. Uncheck all inbox types “Key Markers.”

You can change how your other Gmail data is used by going to Settings> Accounts & Import> Other Google Account Settings.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how these features collect your data; It is not mentioned anywhere in Gmail’s settings. Fortunately, the new user options are much clearer about how smart features work and how they use data collected by Google.Ed.

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